How to Generate All the Income You Desire Even in Uncertain Times 

. . . Ethically, Honestly & Quickly

Are You Struggling Financially?

  • Do you need to bring in extra money to supplement what you earn from your job?
  • Are you out of work and need to generate a full-time income from home?
  • Is your business losing walk-in customers and you need to find a way to increase sales or close your doors forever?

Hi, I'm Holly Cotter. Since 1998, I've helped thousands of people generate income online.
If you'll let me, I'd like to help YOU too.

What is the Fastest, Easiest and Most Affordable Way to Make Money Online?

Believe it or not, it's EMAIL.

I'm not talking about sending a bunch of unwanted spam messages blindly to a list of people you don't know.

I'm talking about taking the same skills you use to keep in touch with friends and family via email... and using them to keep in touch with a list of customers, potential customers, and others who have expressed an interest in your products or services.

I'm talking about you building a REAL relationship with REAL people... and doing it all via email.

If You Know How to Write and Send an Email Message, You Can Make Money Online!

Whether you're looking for something to supplement the income from your job, support your family full-time, or boost your business sales, email is literally the easiest and most affordable way to generate income, period.

Even if you have:

  • NO Experience
  • NO Technical Skills
  • NO Website

As long as you can write and send emails, you can make money!

Who Can Benefit from Using Email to Generate Income On Demand?

Pretty much EVERYBODY!

Here's just the short list:

  • If you have an offline business.
  • If you sell physical or digital products online.
  • If you're a trainer, a coach, or a consultant.
  • If you're a writer or publisher.
  • If you're a product creator.
  • If you're an affiliate marketer.
  • If you're a blogger.
  • If you're a stay-at-home mom or dad.
  • If you're a professional.
  • If you're retired.
  • If you're breathing, YOU can make money on demand using email!

Even if you're just starting out... you can build an entire business around just sending email.

Is it Really Possible to Make Money Just by Sending Email?

YES! Here is a True Story that Demonstrates the POWER of an Email List...

What do you think would happen if you hadn't communicated with someone for 3 years, and then emailed them out of the blue with an expensive offer?

You don't have to guess. I can tell you exactly what happened, because I did it myself ...

(Full Disclosure)

I took a 3-year break from my email marketing business and did not communicate with anyone on my list for those 3 years (NOT a smart choice, btw).

Then, I stumbled across an opportunity that was too good to keep to myself.

I hadn't touched base with anyone on my email list for 3 years, and expected my messages would go straight to spam. But, I also knew this program was SO good it would be wrong NOT to tell the people on my list about it and let them make up their own minds whether or not they wanted to participate.

So, I said a quick prayer and sent my first message in 3 years to my email list. 

I really didn't expect more than 1-2% of the people on that list would open and read the message. I was hoping (but not expecting) to sign up 1 person into the program.

I was absolutely shocked by the results...

14% of the people on my list read that first message, 

and SEVEN of them signed up into the program.

... From one email message I sent to a list I hadn't communicated with for 3 years!

Over the next 36 hours, I sent 4 more messages to my list.

Between 9-16% of the people on my list read each of those 4 messages

... and I signed up ANOTHER 15 people into the program! 

But you don't have to take my word for it...

Here's a screenshot of the mailings I sent out so you can see the "unique opens" for yourself:

And, here's a screenshot showing the total number of people I signed up into the program as a result of sending 5 emails over 2 days:

My emails generated a total of $8,372 in sales per month

and my commissions are $2,763 per month!

... Again, all this from a list I hadn't communicated with for 3 years!

I'm sharing all this with you to illustrate the POWER of an email list. However, it's important to keep in mind that...

All Email Lists Are Not Created Equal

Sure, you could go out and build an email list on your own, and start sending offers to the people on your list. However, when you can't make money with that list, don't come crying to me.

You see, not all lists are created equal.

To get the type of results I just showed you, it's essential you build an email list made up of people who look forward to reading messages from you and who trust your recommendations.

And, to build that kind of email list, you need to know how to nurture and create a relationship with each of the people on your list... without spending endless hours every day making it happen.

Now, I'm just as stunned as you by the results I got from an email list I hadn't communicated with in 3 years. But, honestly, before I walked away from my email business for 3 years, I had put a LOT of time into building a relationship and generating trust with each of the people on that list. It didn't just happen overnight.

Even so, just imagine what my results might have been if I had kept in touch with everyone on my list for those 3 years...

I probably would have doubled the number of people who read my messages, and quadrupled my signups!

With a Little Bit of Expert Guidance, YOU  Can Generate Amazing Income from an Email List Too!

The good news is, you don't have to waste time and money trying to figure out how to do this on your own.

I've been successfully marketing online since 1998, and I've helped thousands of people - from all walks of life - tap into the power of the internet to build profitable businesses of their own.

What does your dream life look like? You CAN make it happen... and the first step to making it happen is learning how to build and nurture an email list that can literally generate income on demand, even in uncertain times.

And that's what the Passive Profit System program will help you do!

Introducing The  Passive Profit System

The most affordable training you'll ever find that works...

delivered by internationally recognized internet marketing expert, Holly Cotter. 

How Does the Passive Profit System Help You  Generate Income Using Email?

The basic concept of using email to make money is actually quite simple...

  • People join your email list.
  • You find products they'll like.
  • Then you send them an email about the product, with a link to where they can buy it online.

Of course, there are a lot of little details too. Here are just a few...

  • HOW to get people to join your list.
  • HOW to build a relationship with the people on your list so they'll trust your recommendations.
  • WHERE to find products they'll like that will pay you a commission when someone buys.
  • HOW to receive payments when you send buyers to a company's product.
  • HOW to turn customers into repeat buyers.

These "little details" make all the difference between wasting time and generating income.

... And these "little details" are exactly what the Passive Profit System will teach you.

30 Minutes a Day is All You Need

The Passive Profit System training is delivered in short bite-sized chunks so you can easily implement it....

  • Each lesson is approximately 15 to 30 minutes long.
  • There are breaks of a few days between lessons to give you time to implement what's taught.

        ... It's not just about learning, it's about DOING and getting results.

Putting into practice what you learn is quick and easy too...

  • It takes only about 30 minutes per day to perform the tasks that build your list and generate income from your list.

        ... Of course, if you can put in more than 30 minutes a day, you'll build your income that much faster.

If you have 30 minutes a day, then you have time to generate income using email! 

The Passive Profit System is Designed to Get You REAL Results ... Without Breaking The Piggy Bank

More than just training, the Passive Profit System is a complete SYSTEM... and everything we teach you to do is 100% legal and ethical. 

Yes, you will learn a lot. And yes, you'll be given most of the tools you'll need to build a generous income using just email.

However, as you continue in the program, you'll discover that the Passive Profit System program itself puts money in your pocket... without any extra effort on your part! You just build a list, and the money will follow.

Here's a brief overview of the program...

  • Month 1: 
    The first month is all about setting the foundation for your system so you're ready to build a profitable email list.
  • Month 2:
    Now that you're ready, you'll start building a list and generating income with that list. At first, the income will be small but, as you continue to build your list, that income will steadily grow... there is NO limit to the amount of income you can generate using email! 
  • Months 3 & Beyond:
    From this point on, every month you'll discover a different technique for growing your list. The larger you grow your list, the MORE income you will be able to generate with each email you send to the people on your list.

No worries.  Everything you're taught to do in the Passive Profit System to build your list and generate income from that list is FREE.

And, although you'll be building a business for yourself, you'll never be building that business by yourself,  thanks to this amazing Bonus Gift you receive when you sign up...

BONUS  Gift:   

Private Members-Only Facebook Group 

If you need help, it's just a fingertip away via our Private Members-Only Facebook Group.

  • I'll be checking the group regularly to provide you with help if you get stuck.
  • I'll be there to encourage you when you feel discouraged. 
  • And I'll be there to provide clarification if you ever get confused. 

But, what makes a Facebook group the ultimate in support is that you're not limited to only my help.

As you actively participate in the Facebook group, you'll get to know other Passive Profit System members... 

  • You'll be able to brainstorm ideas together.
  • You'll be able to get feedback from one another about your promotional materials.
  • You'll be able to motivate one another to higher levels of success.

The Passive Profit System training combined with the Private Members-Only Facebook Group is a complete package - everything you need to succesfully generate all the income you desire... anytime, anywhere.

Plus, I have a few more "surprise" bonus gifts for you along the way... surprise bonus gifts that will help you generate a BIGGER list and MORE income - even FASTER!

So, let me ask you this, "What does your dream life look like?"

You can make it happen, and the first step to making it happen is building a top quality, highly responsive email list... a list made up of people with whom you have developed a relationship.

With a responsive list like this, you can literally generate income on demand... in good times, and in bad.

And that's what the Passive Profit System will help you do!

Sign Up for the Passive Profit System TODAY

... And Start Building a List that Will Honestly & Ethically Generate All the Income You Desire, Even in Uncertain Times!

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You'll never pay a penny more... not even for any 

of the extra bells and whistles I throw in.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We make every effort to provide you with the best training and support possible. However, if at any time you want to discontinue the program, simply cancel your subscription and you won't be billed again.

Frequently Asked Questions

This seems too good to be true. Why would someone with so much experience provide this quality of training at such a low cost?

Are there any upsells after I buy?

What if I need help with something?

What tools will I have to buy to implement this program?

If I want to go through the training faster, is there a way to do that?

If I cancel, can I sign up again at the same price?

P.S. If you want different results, then you need to change what you're doing. You can sit around dreaming of how you want your life to be, or you can make it happen.  Email is the easiest and most painless way to make that change happen so you can live the life you want!

P.P.S. Although I will continue to keep the price of this training as low as possible, I can't promise to keep it at this ridiculously low price forever. Sign up NOW while the price is the lowest it will ever be and, no matter how high the price goes, you'll never pay a penny more. 

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